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Sailing with Kids without Stress

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While sailing is an extremely enjoyable and relaxing activity for most adults, sitting in a boat for hours at a stretch can be a little irksome for kids. However, this does not mean that family sailing trips are a far-fetched dream, all you need to be is well-prepared. These simple tricks to keep your kids engaged on the boat can make your next vacation at sea equally delightful for both the grown-ups and the children.


1. Entertainment - For those long hours in the boat when you are in between destinations, keep a number of games and books handy to make sure that the kids don't get bored. Card games and board games can be extremely fun for kids of all ages. Colouring is yet another engaging activity that can keep the younger kids occupied for a significant amount of time. Stock up on storybooks and toys to ensure that your kids don't remain glued to a screen all day long in an attempt to kill boredom.


2. Safety - Even before you get on the boat, start prepping your kids regarding the safety measures they need to follow during the sailing trip. Give them a tour of the boat once you are on board, so that they don't wander off to the dangerous and restricted parts of the boat on their own out of curiosity. Make sure to carry life jackets that fit your kids or inform your sailing agency that you are sailing with kids to make prior arrangements for the same.


3. The Itinerary - Involve your children while planning the itinerary for the day and do include some activities that would excite them. Encouraging your children to participate in the planning process will not only keep them occupied with something interesting but will also ensure that they are not bored by the end of the day due to all the "grown-up activities".


4. Let Them Sail - Kids are bound to get irritable if they are not allowed to indulge in the one activity that forms a major part of the vacation - sailing. Allow your kids to sail under your supervision when the current is safe and there is nothing around that they can hit. Of course, safety is of utmost importance but trusting your kids with the wheel for a while will delight them beyond measure.


5. Food - There is nothing worse than a bored kid, other than a bored and hungry kid. Inform the chef on board in advance to include some kid-friendly food in the menu and also let them know about any allergies that your kids may have. Also, pack a bunch of snacks for the kids to munch on in between meals. When their tummies will be satisfied they will enjoy the journey more!

If you have a love for the ocean and sailing then start your kids young and share your passion for water with them. The younger they are when they first start sailing, the more they would want to go back to the waves. With these handy tips to guide you, your next family sailing trip with your kids will be an extremely memorable one!

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