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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Tracking Your Kids' Independence with a GPS Device

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Time comes when you little one(s) are going to enjoy their (and yours!) well deserved independence, spending time with their friends not only in the backyard but on more remote sites as well. That covers not only the travel destinations but your residential area spots of interest as well. While leaving your so-fast-grown-up kid on his or her own is always a matter of moderate parental worry there is a simple and sure way to cut that as much as possible. And the first thing that crosses my mind is one of those latest tech GPS-powered devices. Smth I recently was challenged to choose.


In this advanced world, anybody can trace a cell phone location and this is possible through GPS phone tracing. The revolution started after 9/11 when federal government ordered that every cell phone must have capability of being traced. This really was helpful to identify victims and rescue workers. The cell phone carriers included this capability in their system and thus GPS phone tracing came into being. Mobile trace technology allows to find person’s location by cell phone lookup when you just enter the phone number in the search box. While most of the smartphones are not suitable enough for kids aged 4 – 5 – 6, there would always be a solution as long as parents are ready to pay )

Technology always brings convenience to people; GPS chips in phone made it possible to trace people. Employers have great convenience to check remote workers. Boys and girls use it to check the faithfulness of their partners. And for parents, it is of course a great technology to trace their kids. I did give a naïve try into understanding how Location Based technologies work (see FAQ) but I would rather leave it with you than try to explain it in my own words )) In short, this technology made things simplier and easier to manage.

The question is how one can enjoy cell phone tracing feature? The user first need to determine the cell phone carrier which offers the excellent coverage in the areas he/she desires. The user also needs a GPS tracing enabled phone along with a package from the cell phone carrier according to the demand. If you want to get cell phone tracking, you need to check with your local wireless carriers for more details.

Wireless carrier often offers various tracking options for users, so it depends on one’s needs. For instance, in Geo-fencing tracing option, the user can trace a cell phone only when it enters or exits a particular location. The user can get to know by email or text alerts. This is not a real-time cell phone tracing, and is activated only when someone is away from home in a pre-specified area.

The real-time GPS phone tracing option is probably the best in all cases which allows users to trace someone on the computer through wireless carrier website. The real-time GPS tracing is of utmost importance in all situations. You can trace your children if they are far away from home for study purpose. Speed alert is an added feature which alerts the user through SMS or email when pre-set speed is gone over. Some wireless carriers also offer cell phone to cell phone tracking while mapping products are needed to be purchased from different companies.

GPS phone tracing can cost you from activation to set up fees according to the subscription package. However, these days there are certain free GPS phone tracing software which enables you to trace any cell phone without any charges. Additionally, some cell phone service providers offer free real-time GPS tracing service on GPS-tracker or mobile phone enabled GPS receiver. Such a service enables you to see your present position on map and record of your tracing.

Now, the question is what are the other features you would want your kid's GPS device to be capable of? To me the answer was simple - waterproof, two-way and one-way (spy mode) voice / video calling. Besides, the smaller the watch is the less chances that the kid will drop them somewhere. And so after reading multiple GPS watches reviews I stopped on the Kigo Watch - smth completely designed for kids up to 7. I am sure my son will want smth more sophisticated afterwards )

9f3933ba5656342f87e2f74e08311f5ea79f783a.jpg Let me leave one of the reviews I have been though that gives you a better choice of GPS-powered watches for kids - click here. Meanwhile, remember, that no matter how good your watch is going to be, you need to be a responsible parent and explain what is good, what is bad and what is completely prohibited before letting your beloved son or daughter play unsupervised.

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