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Top Ten Parenting Blogs to Follow In the New Year

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Yes, folks, the summer is officially over, and it's back to school time for kids. The transition from freedom to school routine is never easy for both parents and children, and especially when ADHD is in the picture. Unfortunately, it's the case for my older one, so, as a mom, I use the vast universe of the web to help me understand the mind of my tiny person, and in doing so, I have found plenty of resources that I would love to share with you. Here is my list of the top 10 best blogs for parents to follow:

  1. Child Development Info - This blog by the Child Development Institute is one of the most comprehensive parenting sites I have ever gone to. Its main focus is on positive parenting, but the blog offers expert advice on ADD/ADHD, child development, ages and stages, family activities, learning issues, child psychology and mental health, and of course, how to be a good parent.
  2. PhD in Parenting - If there were such a thing as a PhD in Parenting, blogmiester Annie Urban would surely have one. Her views on parenting come from the "tried and true" method, and while she may not always have the answers, she certainly doesn't stop searching for them. Annie covers a lot of important topics from breastfeeding to making kids comfortable with their bodies. This site provides a feminist perspective and is perfect for single mothers trying to cope with the daily struggles of raising children.
  3. Advanced Child Psychology - This blog, managed by child psychologist Dr. Tali Shenfield, discusses important topics ranging from creativity and giftedness to emotional intelligence, bullying, disciplinary methods, and intelligent parenting. It also provides expert advice to parents of children with anger issues, anxiety, ADHD, Autism, etc. The articles are a bit dry, but they are concise, practical, and to the point. I trust this site to help me figure out what the heck is going on inside my son's head.
  4. Mindful Parenting - For the parents out there who are looking for a more spiritual zen-like way of raising their kids, this is the blog for you. It's written by clinical social worker Carla Naumburg, PhD, who uses mindfulness practice as a way to stay focused, calm, and present in the chaos of tantrums, late-night wake-ups, and the constant negotiations of life with a toddler and a preschooler. This blog explores her personal and professional journey into the world of mindful parenting.90baf438dea4953bcfbca5e5b41c21a8f6ccb032.jpg
  5. Great Kids - Great Parents - Have you ever had to hear your child scream "I HATE YOU!"? This blog has some great advice for dealing with children's emotional outbursts. It focuses on infant/child development and the importance of children's feelings. The blog is by Paul C. Holinger, M.D. who is a psychiatrist and a child/adolescent psychoanalyst. He provides valuable recommendations about how parents can help their kids handle difficult emotions.
  6. The Parents Perspective - This is the blog of the staff from Parents Magazine and Here you will find insights and opinions about hot topics, stories making headlines today, and issues that matter most to you as parents. They address kids' health, safety, education, food and nutrition, development, and much more. is my go-to site for recreational reading because it is so current with what matters today.
  7. Family Matters - The main focus of this practical parenting blog by Ronit Baras is parenting adolescents. Ronit is a published author and a experienced parenting coach. There is more than 1000 articles covering a gamut of topics including teen issues, teen behavior, teen health, education, and other teen-related topics. I read this blog when dealing with difficult adolescent clients. Luckily, my own kids are not there yet, we still have a few years ahead, and I am not looking forward to dealing with teenage problems.
  8. Well Family (form. Motherlode) - This blog explores the relationship between your family dynamic and the outside world. Our children are exposed to the news and the media on a daily basis and lead writer KJ Dell’Antonia discusses its effect on our families. There are many articles about child care, child education, family-work balance, etc. The blog is now hosted on the New York Times website and it covers many current and sometimes controversial topics.
  9. Today's Parent - This is the "People's Magazine" of parenting sites. It is extremely easy to navigate and you will find everything from pregnancy tips to recommendations about saving for your child's education. There is also a section called "Celebrity Candy" which provides news and tid-bits about celebrities as it pertains to family-life.
  10. Aha! Parenting - This blog is run by the infamous Laura Schlessinger of the radio/TV show Dr. Laura, who is never one to mince words. Her blog also offers parental coaching which is extremely beneficial for those who are having a hard time coping with the daily ins-and-outs of parenting. There are many posts in video format and I actually prefer these over the text ones.

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