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Today I celebrate the Kindergarten Mom.

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Today I celebrate the Kindergarten Mom.

You’ve done it. You’ve prepared your child to cross the magical threshold.

Here are the incredible things you’ve accomplished:

1. Your child is clothed.

Every article you’ve purchased and laundered for your little person - every moment you have devoted to helping them dress themselves - has prepared your child to walk with your care and protection all of their days. Literally, your shelter surrounds them.

(You’ve made it.)

2. Your child is nourished.

Look, it doesn’t matter what your offspring ate for breakfast - the fact is, you have been feeding their soul since birth. Every slow morning, every combative dinner - you have grown every ounce of their being.

(You’ve made it.)

3. Your child is prepared for friendship.

Remember those first play dates? Remember when you had to chase that kid at the playground away from your child (or maybe you just held your tongue)? Remember the exhausting sibling refereeing? Every bold act of kindness and patience led to today. And your child is ready for the splendor and adversity of human relationships.

(You’ve made it.)

4. Your child is strong.

The first day of preschool, nursery, lessons - this isn’t the “first” at all. You have modeled fortitude every step of the way. You knew your sweet one was born to be shared with the world. The roughhousing, the boo-boos; the failing, the trying again; the encouragement, the perseverance - Mommas, you are the base. They will always return. In the mean time, your cheering echoes in their ears.

(You’ve made it.)

5. Your child is loved.

From the newborn snuggles, to the baby food disasters, to the endless questions of “Why?”. You took the time. You listened. You valued a tiny (sometimes incoherent) voice. Most importantly, you taught them to use their heart to discern - because there is not another like it in all the world.

(You’ve made it.)

So as we all shed tears and bid an impossible Kindergarten farewell, I want to share this:

Mommas, you’ve blessed the future.

And on behalf of every human being alive: Thank you.

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