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To the Spanish Speaking Mama

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I know a Spanish speaking mama, do you?

You have much more in common with her than you think.

She wants the best for her children, just like you.

The mental load of motherhood takes its toll on her daily.

Like you, she is exhausted.

There are never enough hours in the day, and there are always dishes to be done.

You both share an unwavering love for your family and friends.

She desires to raise her children in a community with good schools and loving neighbors.

When you see her at the playground, do you reach out to her?

Does her Spanish accent keep you away?

I promise you, she wants to talk to you. She wants to get to know her neighbors.

She might be afraid to reach out to you first.

Afraid that she won't fit in. Fearful that she does not speak English well enough.

Maybe she has not lived in the United States very long, or perhaps she has lived here for ten years already.

The anxiety is always the same.

As women, we all know what it feels like to the "new mom" in the neighborhood.

When you are an immigrant or the child of immigrant parents, you often have all those same feelings, compounded with so much more.

Worry that people will make fun of how you speak English.

Worry that when a person hears your accent, they will decide they do not want to be friends.

Worry that your children won't be accepted because their parents or family members are different. Can you take a minute to reach out to her?

Get to know her and listen to her stories.

You will learn that you have so much in common.

Both of you share many of the same fears, hopes, and dreams.

Extend a hand to be her friend.

Let her know that she and her children are welcome in your home.

The greatest thing we can do to honor immigrants' contributions is to make them feel welcome.

Welcome to chase their dreams and contribute to this country we all call home.

I promise it will be worth your while to get to know her and call her a friend.


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