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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

To the mom of a child with special needs: You are doing enough

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There are seasons you call to schedule all the therapists, fight insurance for service approvals, navigate inclusion in the school system and talk to endless doctors about chronic health concerns.

And there are seasons you do not call. You miss or reschedule too many appointments. You leave an orthotic shoe in an hotel. The 6-month routine eye exam is done at 8 months and the dentist is a whole different story that seems too overwhelming to even consider scheduling at the moment.

There are days spent driving to specialists, finding answers, googling into the night, texting other mama’s and crying into your pillow as you fall asleep because you feel like you do not know what to do.

And there are days spent cuddling on the couch, watching more than the recommending hours of TV, eating popcorn and having tickle fights.


There are days going to get a haircut will feel like the biggest accomplishment you and your child have ever accomplished with enough tears shed to end a drought even though you practiced it a hundred times and interviewed three hair salons in preparation.

And there are days where they randomly surprise you by completing a simple task without any preparation or effort on your part. Out of the blue they look you in the eye, take a step, speak a word or they sing happy birthday a friend's party as if it ain't no thing at all.

You wear your shirts “mama bear" or “advocate like a mother” proudly and chant it as your mantra.

More than they need an advocate, therapy coordinator, inclusion fighter or nurse

They need Mom.

You are enough.

You are doing enough.

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