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To the follow-through people

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To the follow-through people:

The people in your life that go above and beyond the call of duty. They don’t just tap the ball as far as people in your life go—they hit that ball way out of the ballpark.

These are the people that not only check up on you once the baby is born but each subsequent day after. The people that know how lonely and isolating those first couple of months are, and make sure not only the baby, but you stay afloat. The ones in the trenches with you when you’re postpartum and most-likely not feeling much like yourself emotionally and physically. The ones that link arms and walk through the hard with you without passing judgment on how you do things.

To the follow-through people:

These are the people in your life that don't only show up for the big things but are there for the little, not so exciting things as well. The people that want to hear about your daughter’s anxiety or want to hear about that bite mark on the back of your hand, that’s itching so badly.

Because they care.

The people that show up when you’re feeling down AND the days after that to make sure it was a fluke. They comfort you either over the phone or if they can, in person. They will not only join your pity-party, but they’ll come with streamers and your favorite dessert to commiserate and dig in together. Because they would never let you fall—they’re your bungee cord.

To the follow-through people:

These are the people that want to spend time with the real you. Even if you aren't the trendiest, most popular, or most anything—to them, you’re pretty awesome.

These are the people that deserve a big thank you--for following through, digging deep, and investing in you—by going beyond scratching the surface.

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