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Challenge: Open Discussion

To my son and daughter-in-law on the day before you become parents

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The due date has passed, your bags are packed and tomorrow, tomorrow! You’ll finally get to hold your sweet baby in your arms! I am praying every moment for a safe delivery for mama and baby. Most likely, it will not be easy. But I have so much ability faith in your ability to do hard things.

When the world shut down in March, I honestly thought this would all be over and done with in early June. I didn’t imagine the world could feel even more chaotic. You’re bringing a baby into a world of uncertainty and you are perfectly prepared for this challenge.

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It will be weeks before I get to hold your sweet baby. And while I would love to come to the hospital, count his toes and admire his sure-to-be-adorable face, I recognize this is not about me. We need to keep you safe.

Honestly, I’m excited for you. You’ve been ordered by the doctors to create a little world of three for at least two weeks. A world where no one else comes in and you just take care of each other. The birth of the baby is a sacred time when the veil between Heaven and Earth is paper thin. Bask in it. Enjoy it. Soak up every precious minute.

You have a golden opportunity to shut out the world (and maybe turn off the news) and get to know your beautiful baby. To learn how to be parents with no one watching, no one giving an opinion. You can laugh at all the messiness of new life without worrying about who might be coming over to visit.

This isn’t like being left alone. Anything you need we will bring to your doorstep: food, clothing, everything in the drugstore that suddenly becomes necessary with a new baby and a recovering mama.

And we know you’ll send photos and videos and updates. But please, only send what you want, when you want. This is not about me (or about your siblings who are anxious and greedy to become the favorite aunt and uncles) it’s about your own little family.

Despite the chaos in the world, you still have the privilege and power to create your own little oasis of love, wonder and magic. I’m so excited for you. Call me for anything you need. I have complete confidence in you. Love, Mom ❤️

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