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To Do … a Kitchen “Maker” for the Kids

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Yup, my daughter wants a crepe maker for her birthday and I love the idea! Anything that gets them learning a new skill, becoming more independent, and possibly allowing me to sleep later is a good, no, great idea. Plus, it’s entertaining and, lest we forget, results in food, so yum. The novelty of a new kitchen tool could even make your girls want to help out with meals! While browsing Amazon, I looked for other fun, reasonably priced gadgets that kids might like and found an ice cream maker, panini maker, and my most coveted item, a spiralizer. (It makes spaghetti-like noodles out of zucchinis and other vegetables for healthy veg-pasta dinners. Um, SO cool!) Your girls may even find they have some hidden culinary skills! Maybe you can let them take over dinner duties for one night of the week… We can dream right?

Spark the Conversation: This is a perfect example of that old saying, “Give a woman a fish and she’ll eat for a day. Teach her to fish and she’ll never go hungry” or something like that. (Well, at least until my daughter gets tired of crepes and zoodles…) Teach your girls the importance of learning new skills and being able to take care of themselves. Learning to do things like cooking and doing laundry before they head off to college means they’re one step closer to being self-sufficient! That way, when they come home from school with all those dirty clothes, asking mom to do wash them will just be optional (wink wink!).

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