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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

To A Super Dad - With a Big Side of Wifely Wonder

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To be sure, this month I’ll be tipping my hat and keeping close to my heart two powerful people in my life, my dad and stepdad, for all they are and have been to me. But for this TODAY Parenting Challenge, I want to send kudos to a man who I admire for all the things he is, and isn’t, to our sons and me, my husband Dave.

Your Super Dad wow factor still amazes me. Even as our kids get more and more grown up - your ability to put them in the spotlight, hold them accountable, love them to your core, and teach them to be respectful, responsible men – not only by word and action, but by example, is extraordinary.

So, here’s what you may not realize: All those times you were the calm in the storm, the one who broke the ice, the one who could make us laugh, or yes – even the one to clean up the “accidents” of every conceivable bodily nature – we paid attention. All the times you were “all-in” – for whatever our kids needed you to do from sports, music, biking, studying, dating, driving, applying to college – everything – we paid attention.

Every time you bypassed all those traditional “laws” of parenting, the ones that say "the mom does this" and "the dad does that" and just jumped in and made everything work – we paid attention. When you cared for us when we were sick, and cheered for us when we were at the top of our game – we paid attention. When we weren’t sure where to turn and you were right there to help figure everything out – we paid attention. Throughout every year of our sons’ lives – all the big ways and little ways you’ve been the glue, the joy-finder, the rock, the support system, and even the soft place to land – we’ve paid attention.

And, in all of that paying attention, here’s what the boys and I know – you’re a Super Dad. An amazing husband. A partner in fun, faith, family, and futures. I often wonder how the heck we got so lucky. Then I remember, it’s not luck, God made us a family because we are supposed to be together.

So here’s to you Dave, and all the men like you who have picked up the slack, put family first, gone out on limbs, faced down fears, built up esteems, taught the lessons (both easy and hard), and loved kids with every fiber of your being – our hats are off to you! We know you don’t do any of those things because they are easy. There’s commitment there. And courage. And faith. There’s gratitude and graciousness, and more often than not – a whole lot of patience! For all of these things and about a million more, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Father’s Day!


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