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Tired of the usual fitness goals? Spice it up using these methods

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I used to think I was the only one who dreaded the idea of having to hit the gym. That was until I met a couple of friends some years ago that shared the same horror I felt whenever having to work extra hard just to fit into those perfect dresses.

We called it ‘the boring stint of our lives’. Whenever we’d pass by a pastry store or an ice-cream stand, we would close our eyes to avoid the temptation of buying one. The worst part was having to eat bland foods during that period. It was horrible, and we never looked forward to it. However, over time, we’ve found a way to get the perfect figure and still have lots of fun doing it.

The basic problem is that people already have a preconceived idea that fitness routines are always boring and tiresome. So, the idea of exercising and dieting leaves them in a sour mood, but when you reframe your mind and develop a cheerful attitude towards losing weight, it's not boring at all. Here are some ways you can spice up your fitness routine:

1. Discover your body type

Studies have shown that there are three major body types; the ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. This classification was based on the different metabolic rates of individuals. Knowing your body type helps you discover and manage the perfect workout routine and eating habits that work best for you.

Tabby Gibson in an article describes how you can determine your body type using your hands. This way you can cut down on all the boring sessions you undergo and have fun with the ones you need.

2. Schedule your workout session with friends

Carrying out any task with friends usually takes the bite out of working compared to when you do it alone. When you have friends that share the same goals, they motivate you to work harder. You’ll find yourself eager to get out of bed every morning to go for a jog or a run. You can each come up with different ideas and routines that are fun-filled, but still make you work and sweat harder.

Working out with friends also increases the challenge of getting and staying fit. Several apps have been created to monitor the progress of workouts. Rewards and incentives can be set to further enhance the challenges.

3. Get creative with your diet

The perfect meals for fitness and weight loss are usually foods with little or no calories. Most often, these foods are tasteless and unappealing to the senses and having to eat them repeatedly can be a snooze. When you get creative with your meals, you are able to enhance the taste of such bland foods and add real flavor to your dishes.

Did you know adding a twinge of lemon to your salad improves its taste? Try using coconut shards as a spice, while grilling your chicken or adding some pineapple juice to your tasteless cup of tea. The results are usually epic. There are endless ideas on how to keep your taste buds entertained. You can attend festivals or events where healthy meals are hosted and try out other people’s cooking or even host one for yourself to get new recipes.

4. Join a dance class

Dancing is never boring, no matter what type of style you choose. It’s fun, exhilarating and gets the job done. Depending on your body composition and the intensity of your dancing, studies show that you can lose up to 488 calories per hour.

Not only does your weight loss routine feel better, your body also becomes more flexible and fitter. Before you know it, you’re performing dance steps you never knew your body could handle and shimmying under the 21.5cm mark of the limbo dance!

5. Attend a workout retreat or camp

As much as having a workout routine with friends is fun, it’s more fun when you engage in sessions with other people from different walks of life. Imagine going on a camping trip, and finding out your fitness coach is a 65 year old lady who looks like she’s just walked out of a fashion magazine. I bet you’ll discard all thoughts of that sweet cake your neighbor gave you for your birthday.

In the workout camp, you’ll get to take long walks, go hiking, row a boat and other enjoy outdoor exercises that cannot be performed in the gym. Best of all, there are other people there to keep cheering you on.

6. Walk the dog

Instead of having your dog run around on your lawn, sniffing out bugs and squirrels, you can walk your dog. Not only are you giving your dog a good time whilst doing this, you’re also burning up your fair share of calories.

Playing tag and frisbee with your dog also helps with fat burning and muscle building on your upper body. It is recommended you get a dog (if you don’t have one already), but if you can’t get one for yourself, you can always volunteer to walk a neighbor’s dog.

7. Get a massage

Often, massages are overlooked for the role they play in fitness. They relax, refresh, calm the nerves and race your body to quick recovery after a strenuous workout. Apart from the health benefits, getting a massage has been known to boost selfcare. They help eradicate anxiety and stress. Doing this on a regular basis also boosts the immune system.

To achieve optimum results when losing weight, it’s usually advised to employ the services of a health and fitness expert. As much as having fun during weight loss is important, performing the wrong exercises or eating the wrong foods can be disastrous.

There are several trainer courses and professionals that can guide you on your fitness journey. Remember: “Fitness is not just about hitting the gym. It’s also about an inner happiness and an overall well-being” (Rakul Preet Singh).

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