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Tips to prepare your child for his first day of preschool

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So your bundle of joy is ready to go to the preschool. But as we know that most of the children hesitate to go to the school and preparing a child for his first day of preschool can sometimes be a challenging task. Here are some great tips to make this task a bit easier.

A very first thing you can do is, visit the classroom along with your child and tell him that he will learn many new things here. You can also meet the class teacher before the class officially begins.

Talk to your child about what his school schedules. Tell him what will happen in the school such as teacher will be teaching, then there will be a play time and meal time. And when the school time ends, mom or dad will come to pick him.

Discuss with your child if he is worried or excited to go to the preschool. If he is happy and excited, it's well and good. But if the child is a bit worried, make him feel relaxed.

Cheer up your kid and tell him some positive aspects of the preschool. You can tell him that he will make new friends and enjoy playing with them and lots more.

When you reach the preschool to drop your child, you might meet your's child classmates. Encourage your child to talk to a few of them so that he may feel comfortable as he will already have a friend when the school starts.

Little ones are very foodie and if their tummy is happy they surely will be happy. Prepare tasty and healthy food of their choice and pack in the lunch box. And tell your child that he will feast on his favorite food during the meal time at the preschool.

A child might be nervous thinking who will help him if he needs something. So reassure your child that teachers are very loving and caring and if he has any problem or needs something, he can tell his teacher without any kind of hesitation.

Last but not the least, give a tight hug to your child and kiss his forehead to make him feel comfortable before dropping him at the preschool.

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