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Tips to make healthy child friendly home environment

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A child is always what you would care more than anything else in your life. In fact, parents are ready to sacrifice their entire life for the sake of their child. If you indeed want to protect your children from the harm that lurks around, the best ever beginning needs to be made from your home. The most effective proactive step you can take is to make your home free from diseases and injury of any nature. How would you begin maintaining the healthy environment at your home for your kids and other family members? Well, we assume the following tips may be helpful in achieving your goal.

Tips to make Healthy Child Friendly Environment

Good habits start from home, they say. However, we would say the healthy lifestyle begins right from childhood. Effective prevention of fire, avoiding hazardous glass related accidents, healthy eating and cleaning habits and safer disposal of toxic products are some of the aspects that you need to take care of and inculcate knowledge of in your children.

Children are always curious and keep striving to learn about the things around them. Keeping your home safe for them in spite of all their experiments would be the right way to help them mature as responsible adults.

Store the medications safely

Keep all the medications away from your kids. Whether oral medications or personal care products – the curiosity that the kids have towards their surroundings can be a cause for harm and injury.

Studies have proved that the cosmetics and personal care products have been observed to be the major cause for poisoning in kids. Dispose off the medications that you do not need. Avoid keeping a potentially hazardous product in a container not meant for it. For instance, storing the floor cleaner in a discarded soda bottle can be confusing and can lead to consuming it as a result of misunderstanding. Lock up all the chemicals and drugs out of reach of children.

Safe Drinking water is the Key To Better health

Water is an essential commodity for humans and animals. Same fundamental need can turn your enemy if you are not careful enough. Water borne diseases are the cause for most of the casualties around the globe.

The figures indicate that around 1.8 million people die every year from the water borne diseases like Cholera. These instances can be easily prevented through the use of safe drinking water. One of the best options you can go with to safeguard your potable water is using filtered water. One such method you can use is to filer your drinking water to stay away from deadly diseases. We would advise using professional quality filters like those provided by AquaOx Filters.

Radon Tests

Radon is a natural occurring radioactive substance released when uranium inside the rocks and soil breaks down. This can be the prime cause for a few deadly diseases like lung cancer and has been the result for around 20000 lung cancer deaths a year in the US alone!

The only way you would be safe from Radon is to test for it. You can opt for the easy home based kits for testing Radon. The kit is quite inexpensive and should help you test your home without any kind of technical expertise. You may also use Radon resistant construction options for the new home you are building. It would be advisable to retest for Radon once every two years. In fact, that would be an investment to keep your children safer.

Ensure Bug ban Techniques

Insects and bugs are another means through which toxins find a way into our body. But using pesticides wisely and safely is the need of the hour. In many cases, the toxins you use to get rid of the bugs can result in major issues.

The pesticides you use can be a contaminant for the air that your child breathes in or the floor that your kids play on. Instead of using pesticides, opt for weather sealing and better kitchen hygiene. If you need to buy pesticides, check out that are potentially less toxic and ensure that you buy them in smaller quantity.

Stay safe from Allergens

We breathe day in and day out. In fact, that is how we would be vulnerable to air borne diseases. There are several pollutants and allergens that can cause issues with your health.

Never let anyone smoke in your home. Exhaust fans in your kitchen and other rooms can help you keep the humidity levels under control. Excess humidity can cause growth of mold and thus can be a cause of allergies. Furnace filters are another method to keep your home pollution free.

In Conclusion

Want your kids to grow a healthy life? Stick to a healthy regime all through your life and give them the best that they deserve. There are a few seasons and special conditions that would make it essential to opt for a few additional health measures apart from the ones we specified.

Follow the minimal requirements and guidelines we featured in the above discussion, and we assure you would indeed be able to create an environment that is completely child free!

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