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Tips for Moving with Newborn Baby

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It is convenient when you have enough time to move out step by step. But what should you do when you rent an apartment and are asked to move out in 10 days? The situation gets worse when you have a newborn that cannot be left unattended. Moving with a child can be compared to the fire, flood and earthquake in one bottle. That is why if you do not want to accidentally find baby shoes in the washing machine or all your stuff scattered around the floor. The following tips can help you organize your schedule and move out without any major losses.

Make a plan. Take a paper and a pen and write down everything you need to buy and collect. The first thing to think about is what to pack and how to do it properly. Stock up with packing tape, cardboard boxes and bags of different sizes. It is better to take the rope and tie up the boxes. Think about the way you are going to transport it to a new house/apartment. Moreover, buy a marker (preferably permanent) and sign all the boxes and bags, otherwise you risk not finding half the things you packed in the boxes. In addition, put the numbers on the packages, so it will be more convenient to count it and identify the things inside. These actions can help you to do things fast and leave you more time to spend it with your baby.

Organize kid’s space. As a rule, the stuff from the children’s room is collected last. You can pack things that the baby does not need beforehand. Also, the child’s corner (bed, toys) should remain the same until the last moment as children tend to undergo stress in unaccustomed space. It is also important not to change the regular schedule of the day: walking, dinner and sleeping time. What can help you to distract the child from the ‘moving-out’ process? The first that pops into the mind is the cartoons. However, the kids at the age under 3 years are not allowed to watch a lot of cartoons, therefore you should spend with a baby as much time as you can, talk to it and play with it. When you arrive to a new place, set your baby’s room first and try to stabilize the routine schedule as soon as possible.

Collect an "emergency" bag. In order to be ready for any unpredictable situations, collect the most necessary things that your baby will need during the move. Such things as children's medicine, the first-aid kit, toiletries, change clothes, shoes, a pair of clean towels, wet wipes, mineral water and food should always be at hand.

Undoubtedly, if you have sufficient funds, you can order a special service in the firm that works with different situations that can occur while moving out. Moreover, if you have a newborn, you better to contact an experienced moving company in Calgary to move with professionals that will collect everything and help you to transport, load and unload it.

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