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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

Time to Shine

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I think it’s safe to say that right about now, every parent in the world is appreciating their kids’ teachers on a whole new level. Many of us saw the hilarious viral video of the ranting Israeli mom who, just days in, was completely overwhelmed by homeschooling. As humorous as it was, it struck a chord. We, too, suddenly found ourselves within our own versions of coming to grips with and getting a handle on remote learning. Oh, and the struggle is real! Multiple Zoom meetings, tech glitches, downloading and uploading assignments, and all the work. However, if you think it’s hard on us, please stop for a moment and think of our teachers. They are working double time. Triple time. To educate our children.

Schools may have been prepared for the ‘event of a transition to remote learning’, but the vast majority of teachers could not possibly have been ready – how could they have been? None of us ever expected this or even saw it coming. Teachers had to learn a new way of teaching, spending long, extra hours preparing lessons for their students and getting up to speed. And it doesn’t stop there. Long after Zoom meetings are over, there’s digital homework to correct, readings to record, lessons to plan, preparations for the next day’s greeting, etc., etc. And every single day they show up well prepared, smiling, enthusiastic and patient; ready to conquer a new world of learning and keep our children educated in the time of a crisis. And this, dear reader, is why we must salute the heroes and heroines of this story - our teachers.

Teachers of the world, this is your time to shine! Never before has your patience, your commitment, your dedication, your gift become so distinctly apparent. We are following your lead and doing our best while at home. There is a reason why teachers must be certified and trained for learning. It is now abundantly clear. To quote John Steinbeck, “Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.” Teachers are preparing children – our best investment – for the future. For this, we should be eternally grateful.

This pandemic has been the great equalizer – from professional athletes to celebrities to everyday people, we are all at home with our families. Parents with school-aged children are struggling with homeschooling and counting their blessings for the amazing educators in their lives. There are no athletes to follow at the moment, the world is devoid of sports. There are no fancy celebrity events to cover, everything has shut down. But not school, school is still in session. And teachers have risen to the occasion.

Kudos to all our incredible educators who have given and sacrificed, not only today, but every hour that they have ever helped to mold and shape the minds of our future generation.

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