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This Year I'm Saying No: I'm Going Back to Simple

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It is never too late to change. Change is the only constant, right? As a mom, we adapt. We have to, to survive. And we are our toughest critic. We are continually critiquing ourselves and striving to be better. Mom guilt consumes us if we feel like we aren't up to par.

Most of us make resolutions, affirmations, and goals each January and have full intentions to keep them throughout the year, if not, forever. We challenge ourselves each and every day to be a better parent to our children. We make elaborate meals, technical crafts, constant playdates, and the list goes on and on. It never seems like enough.

Well this year I am saying no. I am going back to simple.

I just want to be. I want to lay in our pajamas all day. I want to bake cookies. I want to take a long walk around the neighborhood. I want to color in a coloring book. I want to finger paint. I want to eat Sloppy Joes.

There is so much to offer in our world today. With social media, Internet, Cable, and keeping up with our friends and neighbors, we are in constant competition to have the best dinners, best crafts, best photos, best outfits, and best everything.

This year I am saying no. I'm going back to simple.

I want to savor every moment with my children. I want to take my time. I want my children to be noticed. I want to laugh and play with them on the floor with my undivided attention. I want to be patient with them. I want to say yes more instead of not now. I want my attention to be on them instead of on my phone.

I don't want anything standing in my way from enjoying motherhood and this time in life. Time goes by quickly and if we don't stop and slow down a little, our children will grow up before our eyes and then it will be too late to enjoy their childhood.

So I challenge you to say no this year, and join me in going back to simple.


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