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This virus has really exposed my weaknesses

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This virus has really exposed my weaknesses...

for the less necessary, but still desired things like

a daily Starbucks iced coffee (waste of money, I know)

random, unnecessary stops at CVS and Walgreens (also a waste of money, I know),

consignment shopping (and lots of it),

more-than-needed hair color and cut appointments,


getting my nails done,


Oh my freakin' God, how I miss restaurants.

So I guess we could say that this virus and ensuing quarantining has really exposed my weaknesses for...drumroll please...spending money.

(Which, embarrassingly, I've still managed to do plenty of thanks to Shipt, UberEats, and AmazonPrime.)

And, for the not-directly-monetary, more essential, didn't-know-I-needed-these-so-much sort of things like

adult conversation with someone other than my spouse,

hugs (holy moly I want some of those),

a visit to my gym,

a solo, or kid-accompanied trip to Publix,

random eye-contact and smiles from and with strangers,

a quick chat with another mom in the pick-up line,

a routine,

a schedule to keep,

my kids going to school,

family celebrations,

birthday parties,

date nights,

and a little bit more 'free time' to do with what I please.

This pandemic and all the social distancing it's required, it's lead to some much-needed introspection about who and what I spend my time and money on and who and what is most important.

I've come to understand that I waste a lot of my




and energy

on things that don't really matter.

Yet, I also see that I look forward to a lot of things and people and things with people that are life-giving and meaningful, definitely for me and perhaps even for them?

So, yeah, this virus has really exposed my weaknesses, but it's also forced me to

acknowledge them,

own them,

and consider whether they are worth improving upon

-- which some are and some aren't --

and, in the end,

that kind of continued self-exploration,

it's only going to make me stronger.

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