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This ride brings out my best self

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This ride is called The Whipper. You sit in the car and it wiggles and jiggles you around the track. And at the opposite ends of the oval shaped track, it WHIPS you around violently while you scream and laugh your head off.

It's my favorite ride at Knoebels Amusement Resort and it's about as wild as I get as far as rides go. I will ride The Whipper as many times as I can. It cracks me up.

Miriam and I always ride together but this vacation, we rode in separate cars one time around. I smiled and loved it still. But the hysterical laughter was missing. The shrill screaming didn't emanate naturally.

You can't manufacture The Whipper feeling. It's like a baking recipe. If you don't measure and level the scoops correctly, it may not work. It will still be a good piece of cake...but not as good as it could've been.

For the few minutes I'm jiggled and whipped around corners, every worry leaves my body and mind. I'm feeling the breeze and the deep belly laughs that don't seem to come as often as they used to. My cheeks hurt from laughing. It still feels safe on the ground with just enough of a shake-up to alter my current state.

Miriam loves when I'm in a Whipper state of mind. I'm pretty silly most of the time, but The Whipper is the best version of me. And when we can give our kids glimpses into the younger or more carefree versions of ourselves, it's good for us all. It's not always easy, but it's vital.

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