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This isn’t my season for room mom

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This isn’t my season for room mom

I have a giving heart. I do. I’m all for Teacher Appreciation week, and donating to the treasure box supply. I even love the fundraisers, and all that it teaches our little entrepreneurs. I delight in the holiday parties, and love the valentines parties, the 100 days of school events, Easter egg hunts, and the hand print hearts that come home in the Wednesday folders.

I’m not blind to the fact that our sons’ school run on giving hearts, volunteering their time. I know that room moms take a giant load off the teacher’s back, and they are oh so needed and greatly appreciated.

But in my current season, my giving heart is giving all it can to my babies at home. So during my season of littles, it’s simply not my season to be room mom.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve felt the tug of guilt on this mama’s heart at every meet the teacher when I leave that line blank on the sign up sheet at meet the teacher. I’d be an excellent room mom, too. I’m the crafty type. I’m the Type A, planner personality. But I also recognize that I cannot manage to do it all. Not well at least.

For now, I rush to the sign up sheet these awesome room moms send out because God forbid I get stuck with a hot dish for teacher appreciation week. I’m much better with the shelf stable napkins, that don’t have to be refrigerated or brought in at a specific time.

There will come a time when this season comes to an end. One day, I will no longer have toddlers running me ragged for 12 hours straight at home. I will no longer spend my days a slave to crumbs and tears, and nap schedules. Giving way for new adventures as a room mom. I look forward to my days inside my children’s classrooms. But right now, with one early on in his elementary career, and 2 others at home full time; it’s just not realistic to commit myself to hours of service to my sons’ teachers. If only I could be in two places at once.

There will come a time when all three of my babies transition to full time school, and I will love the opportunity to be the room mom during another mom’s season of littles.

When it’s my season, I’ll gladly pay it forward.

For now, sign me up to bring the napkins.

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