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This Is Why I’m A Nickname Person

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I’m a nickname person.

I give everyone alternate names in my inner circle. My inner circle consists of my husband and our two babies--our little family of four. They are my crew or posse.

My first-born daughter, Vivienne, I call Viv, Vu, and now Boo.

My youngest daughter, Diana, I call D, Moos, Mush, and Boo.

These nicknames change pretty frequently.

Now, this presents a few problems.

Like, have you ever gotten to a point where your whole little clan is the same name? It’s a very confusing time for everyone.

“Watch out Boo!” I scream out to my youngest as she is about to step on toys on the playroom floor and hurt herself. In that instant, I have a premonition of the baby slip-falling on the floor and hysterically crying while I attempt to cuddle and love on her back to happiness.

“Don’t worry mommy, I’m okay,” My eldest answers, thinking I must be talking to her.

“Glad, you’re okay Viv!” I call back, as I run to save the baby from the toy death trap on the floor. I mean, how is the eldest supposed to know I wasn’t talking to her? Plus, I’m always glad to hear she’s doing okay. That’s always pleasant news.

Oh, and now sometimes my husband is Boo too—which takes things to a whole ‘nother level on the weekends.

Apparently, we have transformed into a ghost family.

My husband doesn’t always love my knack for nicknames. “They are going to think their names are Moo and Boo” (and probably not be sure about whose name is who with my track record).

“So,” I respond, digging the flow.

Because really, they won’t ever think this and if they do, won’t that be short-lived? Nicknames are my way of expressing my love. When I talk about how cute my littlest is, I coo “Oh my little moo moos, I love you so much.” I can’t even verbalize her name because I love her that much.

It’s like “I–love-you-so-much-I-made-my-own-name-for-you.”

It’s my way of saying you are not like every other Vivienne out there, you are my Vu. You are unique in the you, you are. You are mine. And there are no real names or words that can adequately express that love. It’s more than a name--it’s a feeling that comes out in nicknames.

This is why,

I’m a nickname person.

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