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​This is summer at sleepaway camp

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This is summer at sleepaway camp.

For the first time.

This is nerves.

This is excitement.

This is anticipation.

This is trepidation.

This is new to us.

This is 11 (apparently).

This is independence.

This is trust.

This is love that travels, that leaves the nest with you but forever connects you to it.

This is letters back and forth.

This is laughter.

This is making friends.

This is me making myself let you go.

This is duffels and trunks.

This is labels and more labels.

This is stickers and pictures galore.

This is visiting "the canteen" and having nightly cookies and milk.

This is me visiting with God almost daily, asking him to watch over you.

This is a morning plunge into the lake.

This is my plunge into parenting a pre-teen.

This is all-day activity.

This is cabin chores.

This is fun.




And adventure.

And opportunity.

To grow into who you are.

To figure out who that is.

And to learn to love that person unconditionally.

Love her like I do.

With no bounds.

No caveats.

No requirements.

This is summer at sleepaway camp

and this is me counting down the days till I pick you up from it.

This is summer at sleepaway camp

and this is you counting down the days till you can go back.

This is summer at sleepaway camp

and you learning so very much.

This is your summer and sleepaway camp

and me learning so very much.

About loosening the reins

and letting you lead.

This is summer at sleepaway camp.

You've got this.

I've got this.

We've got this.


even more than that...

we've got each other.

And distance, well, it ain't no match for us.

A mom and her gal
Two undeniable pals
Take on a few weeks of summer apart.

They email, and they write
They trust in this plight
That it'll be nothing but joyful.

Hard, maybe yes,
here and there, off and on,
but from their strength they pull upon.

And love keeps 'em happy,
not feeling all sad sappy,
and open to experiences they be.

The whole time is a blast,
the gal wants it to last
and now camp has a place in her heart.

A mom and her gal
two undeniable pals
take on a few weeks of summer apart.

They both make it through
thanks to a love strong and true
and when they are reunited.


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