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This Holiday Season, I Won't Get All The Things Done

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This holiday season, I won't get all the things done.

The ornaments on the tree are messy.
I forget to put out the special countdown some days.
Christmas cookies are store bought.
The presents will look like they were wrapped by an amateur elf.
The holiday cards won't be ready until 2020.

The regular stuff- the dishes and laundry and cleaning the toilets, they've completely fallen off the list.

But when I think back on my childhood holidays, I don't think about perfection. I don't remember if my mom was "on top of it" or if it was messy. I don't remember if the sight would have made it on the cover of my favorite mom blog. I don't remember if the cards and presents and decor were orderly.

I remember the moments we laughed. The moments we were together. The days off work and school. The snuggles and hot chocolate during Christmas movies. The relative coming in from afar.

In a day of social media feeds and thousands of extra things you can do to "Make the season brighter" I remind myself that my kids need a present mom. They need a laughing mom. They need a mom who might not get all the things done, but does what she does with lots of love.

c637562469f30282c5210fd660a50e635185dd56.jpgPS: Pro tip. Turn your mess into a holiday work of art. This laundry makes the perfect tree.

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