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Things your mom do for you at home

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Mothers are the blessing of God. If you are blessed with one, you should be thankful for God, because there are many orphans in the world who does not have anyone to take care of. Without mom, there is no home. We don’t understand these things, but when they are taken away from us, and then we understand the worth of them. Here are few things that your mom does for you:

· Cleaning:

Cleaning is a huge task. In fact, it is one of the toughest jobs. This is why the professional cleaners charge a lot of money for cleaning your house and it is a whole day activity. However, there is one person who does it all the time and they don’t even complain about it and they are known as moms. Moms stay home and clean each and everything and when you come home, there is no dirt around. So you should appreciate your mom for doing these things for you. No one likes to live in a dirty home.

· Cooking:

Along with the cleaning, another task that your mom does is cooking a meal. No matter if it’s morning or evening, it is the duty of your mom to cook meal for you. Cooking is not that difficult, all you have to do is to see things from the recipe and prepare your dinner, but what the most difficult task is to decide what to cook. There are many things that you don’t like to eat and there are many others which your siblings don’t. So to decide what to cook is a great job. Only and only your mom can decide and cook a meal which is liked by all the siblings at the same time. If you are given this job for one day, you won’t be able to do it at all.

· Washing:

Washing is also a huge task. You first have to wash each and every cloth used by the family members and then you have to dry it and press them too. If you do this on your own, you would need a whole day to do that. Moms, on the other hand can do that along with cleaning and cooking. This is something that you can’t do even if you try. Some moms can even repair like Hilton Plumbing hot water repairs. So the next time you find clean, dry and pressed clothes in your closet, you know who you should be thankful.

· Gardening:

Gardening is also a task that is only accomplished by your mothers. If you have a garden in your home, there is a 95% chance that only your mom will take care of it. This is because they have this is in their nature to take care of their children and their home as well. They want to give everything they have just to see a smile on their child’s face. This is how precious this relationship is. So take care of it properly.

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