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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Things will get back to normal, and each of us will, too

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I've picked up a few habits this pandemic, that's for sure.

Some of them good, like getting a mile in on the treadmill each Monday through Thursday.

Some of them not so much, like like a glass of wine on a school night.

Things like keeping with a modified version of intermittent fasting has been pretty good for me.

But things like stress-eating a block of cheese and a whole sleeve of Saltine crackers at 9:30 pm, three nights a week, eh, not so much.

I pick up the remote more than I ever used, but I also bought myself a devotional and turn to that quite often as well.

I began cheating on my bed with the couch, and I'm more into Netflix these days than any meditation or attempt at mindfulness.

That being said, I've come to understand that it's okay to lean --
into my feelings,

on people,

on grace and faith,

and on love to get you through the challenging times.

That's it okay if stressful times (OR AN UNFORSEEN, UNRELENTING GLOBAL HEALTH PANDEMIC) change you -- if only for a bit, or for the long haul.

Because underneath those good and not-so laudable habits is a beautifully average, amazingly unique, tough-as-nails, life-doing, imperfect human who is doing incredible given the circumstances.

Because things will get back to normal, and each of us will, too.

Except that, hopefully, we will have all learned a little more
about ourselves,
how we handle pressure,
what our comforts are,
what we fear,
who and what we need
and how to keep light even when life feels heavy.

Yeah, this pandemic has altered each of us a bit, but I'd be more concerned if it didn't.

So ride out the rest of this wild coaster holding on to the notion that you're doing just fine, about the same as most, and better than could ever be asked of someone who woke up one day in March in lockdown and who hasn't been able to return to total normal since.

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