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Things Every Family Should Prepare Before Camping With Kids

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Enjoying a very fresh air in an amazing scenery, taking a glimpse of wildlife, wallowing in nature in every single moment of days and nights is a great feeling that every child want to experience.

As a parent, you want to make these days perfect so that your kids appreciate these special moments; but you are confused about necessary things that every family should prepare before camping with kids. You are reading a right article because we are here to help solve your problems.


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Before camping

Preparing things before making a trip is very important because it decides on the success of a camp. If you prepare carefully, unexpected problems may not happen, and your journey will be more memorable. And now, it’s time to know things that every family should prepare before camping with kids.

  • Location: Any destination that involves lakes for swimming, skipping rocks, boating, streams for fishing, exploring and hot springs for soaking are preferred. Also, you can make a dry run before camping to make sure that your kids will like it. Check campground amenities such as flush toilets, picnic table, firewood, car parking and any other detail you need to know.
  • Weather: Make sure that the weather condition is nice. In case, if the camping day is decided, back up a plan for rain, cold weather.
  • Clothes: Shoes, suitable clothes to go out, sleep and swim; and extra layers for warmth, gloves, and hats.
  • Food: Prepare some pasta for the first meal, beer and snacks for nights, chocolate for the bedtime, hot dogs, water and some cakes like ginger cake, lemon drizzle. Prepare for barbecue: Meat, vegetables, bread and sausages need to be well preserved
  • Personal items: Mosquito repellant, sunscreen, preventative medications, first-aid kit, toothbrush, soap and other necessary toiletries. Camera, mobile phone, backup charger, toys, maps, and area information.
  • Campsite Gear: Tent, tent footprint, sleeping bag, pillows, blankets, headlamps or flashlights (extra batteries).
  • Kitchen: Stove, matches, firewood, frying pan, and pot, corkscrew, food-storage containers, bags, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, cups, cutting board, paper towels.
  • A plan: Make a plan for camping days including rules, restrictions, and activities for daytime and nighttime and any backup activities for the downtime. Make a backup plan for unexpected weather and ways to deal with rain, hot weather and stay warm in a tent in cold weather.

During camping


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After knowing things that every family should prepare before camping with kids, now you can carry out your camping plan. There are a lot of activities that your family can do together or separately.

If you can follow your plan, it is nice. But if your plan is not well carried out, don’t worry because we can be flexible in changing some parts of the scheme.

Daytime activities


  • Building a camp: Entire family should set up a tent together; if you bring a pop up tent, this process will be very easy. Your kids can help parents some very little work, that is meaningful to them.
  • Hide and seek: This is a challenging game, and you will realize your kids will be very creative in finding a place to hide. Make sure the activity is within the safety of your own backyard.
  • Outdoor scavenger hunt: You can create some activities that every member of your family and individually can do together and separately such as take a family picture in every beautiful sight or make a video of someone shouting for a time and so on.
  • Nature scavenger hunt: List things that kids can explore and take pictures like finding a green and brown leaf, mushroom, pine cone, animal tracks, tree holes, flowers and so on.
  • Swimming, fishing
  • Local sports: Joining some local sports will leave a very special impression on you kids.

Nighttime activities

  • Firework: The whole family can run around the firework and sing and dance; play some games such as hopscotch. Then, every member shares their own stories and feelings. That is a great time for everyone.
  • Stargazing: If the weather is nice and you are lucky enough, you can gaze out onto the stars on the sky in wonderment that will present a unique experience for the whole family.
  • Bedtime: Play with cards, toys or reading some books.
  • Listen to nature: Listening to the sounds of animals like crickets, cicadas, tree frogs and other tons of exciting sounds of nature may amaze your kids.

After camping

What you need to do is to tidy up the mess around your camp and don’t forget to collect all of your items. Also, take some pictures before you go because you may not return the destination for the second time.

So, you already know everything that family prepare before camping with kids. What you need to do now is to make a detailed plan for your entire family. And make sure that your kids are enthusiastic and excited about contributing to the plan. Preparing everything together is a precious time for individuals.

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