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They want Mommy

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Someone is always in my lap as soon as I sit down. All I want is a little break from the day, to sit down for a minute. But as soon as I sit, there’s a child or two on my lap.

They want their mommy.

"Mommy!" I hear my son crying out in the middle of the night. He's had a bad dream and I know I have to get up because it's not Daddy's name he calls for.

He wants his mommy.

She cries and cries and does not want to sleep. She's teething and my husband can't console her. The moment she's in my arms though, it's lights out and a sleeping baby.

She wants her mommy.

He can’t find me and it’s making him nervous so he searches the house for me. All I want is to pee in peace but there’s a child opening the door behind me and up in all my business.

He wants his mommy.

She's walking now and could move all about the main level. There's so many things to explore and big brother's toys to play with. However, anytime I look down, she's under my feet.

She wants her mommy.

They want Mommy.

All. Day. Long.

I'm their number one person, their best friend, and their source of comfort. I’m their everything right now.

The one they spend all day, every day with. The one who feeds them, changes them, and loves them with every fiber of her being.

And I’m not going to get upset and annoyed that I have no moment of peace to myself. I’m not going to complain that I don’t get to sleep because my name is called throughout the night.

Because in this season, I’m needed. In this season of motherhood, I’m all theirs and they’re all mine. Some day they won’t need me anymore, I won’t be at the top of their list. So I’m going to soak up this season because for right now . . .

They want their mommy.

(Originally appeared on Her Strength & Dignity)

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