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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

They are ALL Perfect!

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"Dude! You need to lose weight." A boy at the park yelled this across the playground at my 10 year old son. He was crushed. I was heartbroken. A few hours later we found ourselves at the splashpad. As I sat watching my children play and with the days earlier events weighing on my heart, I started noticing all the different body types the kids (and even a few awesome parents) playing in the water had. There were so many differences. In that moment, I was almost hit in the face with one similarity in all of them. Every one of them wore a smile. They were having fun. Their bodies were allowing them to experience this moment, to feel joy, to have fun. I called my son over to share this experience in hopes of lifting his spirits. I had him look at everyone there. I asked if he saw anyone with a perfect body...thinking when he'd say no we could talk about how no one is perfect. But before he had a chance to answer his 8 year old sister yelled, "YES! They are ALL perfect!" My kids teach me lessons all the time, but man this one sunk deep. Our bodies are OUR bodies, and they are incredible! Seriously, take a second and stop focusing on your outward appearance. Instead think of all the amazing things your body does. Start at the top, your brain alone is incredible, and we haven't gotten to the neck yet. Your body allows you to be you, to do what you need to do (maybe not what you want to do, but what you NEED to do), your body is PERFECT for you!

It's been just 4 days since this experience at the park. Now, when I have a negative thought about my own body, which I've noticed, happens a lot. I stop and think of my daughter yelling, "They are ALL perfect!" It's been just 4 days, and I already love myself more. My body is perfect for me. My body lets me be a mom. My body gives me the opportunity to live my dream.


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