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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

There's one habit I'm keeping

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Tomorrow I'm going to wake up and try something new.

I'm going to wake up and create some new habits, break up with some not-so-good ones, and then I'm going to hold no expectations for myself to stick with the changes because what I don't need these days is to feel more pressure.

To show up.

To perform.

To show up and perform and get every minute of my life and day right.

Every interaction.

Every conversation.

Every decision.

But what I do feel I need,

and maybe you feel the same

(or perhaps you don't, and that's okay too!),

is to at least try to challenge myself to step out of my two-year-in-the-making,

pandemic-induced comfort zone and see if I can do a bit better,

be a bit better,

and be a bit more mindful and intentional when it comes to all that being and doing.

All that being said, tomorrow I very well may find myself back on the couch at this exact time eating from the same family-size box of Cheez-Its I'm hands-deep into tonight, and that's fine too.

Because one habit I'm keeping is the one where I unconditionally give myself grace.

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