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There's no 'right way' to do any of this

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There's not a right way to do this -- any of it.

There's not a right way

to isolate,




or parent

right now.

There's not a right way

to be an essential worker,

to nurse,

to dr,

to police,

to govern.

There's not a right way; there's just the non-caring way and that, my friends is the only wrong way.

The only way to screw up this crazy, f-ed up new normal of yours is by being ill-compassionate, and I can pretty confidently assume that most of us aren't that.

So, beyond making decisions for yourself, your family, your students, your patients, your community, and your constituents from a place of inconsiderate a-holeness, I think everyone is doing their best.

There's nothing political about my ramble.

Not a single word of it, so please don't interpret it that way.

There's just, perhaps, a needed reminder that, for the majority of us, we are navigating this uncharted territory

without a map,

with a sh*t-ton of hope,

with as much credible knowledge we can hold in our brain,

and the self-control required to remain calm and rational, but effective.

To the person who isolates "better" than me:

Way to go! You're doing awesome and setting a terrific example.

To the person who rocks at keeping that social distance to the exact foot:

Thank you for showing us all that it can be done.

To the person still leaving their home and going to work because you have no choice:

You're brave, and you're incredible.

To the person working from home while your kids are at home:

Keep it up. Keep at it. You're doing the best you can, and your best right now, well, it's admirable, and still really good.

To the teachers who can't teach their students in the classroom, who must learn these intricate platforms and who must still support their classroom kids, while in some cases, even caring for their spouses and/or kids at home:

We see you. We respect you. We love the hell out of you.

To essential workers in all fields:

You are flippin' angels from God, and people are thankful for you, and they are praying for you with every prayer.

To nurses and doctors and anyone in the medical right now:

Holy f*ckin' hell, there are no other humans on the planet who can do what you do, how you flippin' do it, so selflessly and so determined. Every one of you is literally an angel here on Earth, and every day so many of us beg to the Big Guy in the Sky, that one day, you will be rewarded hugely for your altruism, hard work, dedication, and round-the-clock genuine efforts.

To police and those that govern us:

We thank you for looking out for our safety and rest assured people are praying for yours.

And, finally, to all parents:

There is no right way to parent beyond doing it from a place of love. Not a single one of us is going to win an award for our child having the least amount of screen time while quarantined. Hug them, kiss them, listen to them, build them up, help them, and care for them. That IS enough.

There's not a right way to do this because this has never happened before.

This is new to all of us -- the expectations of us, but also the anxiety and fears surrounding it all.

There is a right way to be a basic human, though, and it's by listening to, loving, encouraging, and supporting ourselves and those around us EVEN when we see or do things differently.

And, what's really awesome, impressive, and heartwarming is the so very many stories of unique people all over America and the world loving each other the right way.

When things get tough, and if ever you get down, read stories and think about that.

I do.


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