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Challenge: Inspired by Music

There's a Lady Gaga inside of all of us itching to get out

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I watched 'A Star is Born,' and now a star has been born -- inside of me.

Actually, my internal Lady Gaga, she wasn't just birthed. She's been residing inside of me patiently (eh, maybe not so much) waiting for me to believe in her and share her with the world.

Well, wait no longer my friend, she has arrived.

She's just been lurking and discretely encouraging me to trust that I'm a f*cking badass in the best, most humble way possible and that it's flippin' necessary for me to share my gift(s) with the world.

Yes, that's right -- not only did I just contest that I have a gift -- maybe even more than one -- I'm also suggesting that you may benefit from my gifts.

Does that sound arrogant?

It's not.

Because -- and please open your ears and your heart for this -- YOU HAVE GIFTS -- MANY of them, and THE WORLD AND I NEED YOU TO SHARE YOURS.

Seriously, I have been waiting and waiting for this movie to be available for rent on Netflix, and last night my husband and I finally watched it.

The hubs?

He liked it.

But, me?


He didn't get why I keep giggling, smiling, and why every comment I made towards him during and about the movie was said in this strange 'love dovey,' feeling really good, all-is-right-with-the-world kind of voice.

And that's because of what this movie did for me (as kind of a knife in the cake I had already been baking for myself) and I am sure that a gagillion other people (and mamas specifically) feel the same.

Tell me somethin', mama Are you happy in this crazy parenting world?

Or do you need more? Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for?

You've got plenty of good times that help you find yourself, but you also long for change.

You've got plenty of bad times which make you fear yourself, too.

Tell me something, mama, Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void?

With social media, filtered pictures, and a 'picture perfect' life?

Or do you need more?

Ain't it hard keeping it so fudgin' perfectly and 'properly' hardcore?

I'm falling (back in love with myself).

I'm falling (deeper and deeper in love with my kids).

I'm falling (even more in love with my husband).

I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in I'll never meet the ground Crash through the surface, where strangers can't hurt us We're far from the shallow judgment-givers now

We're far…

We're far, mamas.

We are far from the women we once were.

That young, longing-to-be-liked, conformative high schooler.

That eclectic wildflower who was an awarely impulsive risk-taker of a college student.

The young lover.

The young wife.

The young mother.

We are far from the women we once were.

Maybe it took motherhood to make you.

Maybe it's motherhood that's breaking you.

Maybe it's marriage that making you.

Maybe it's your marriage that's breaking you.

But, it's all contributing to your story and the message you need to tell in the format that works for you.


Motherhood and marriage are undeniably shaping me every gosh darn day, and about two years ago, I believed it was important for me to share my story with other people.

"There are people who need to hear what you have to say," I'm hearing.

But, "what do you want?" is the question being asked.

Honestly, I want my children and spouse to know there is no one more in their corner than me.

But, I also want other women to know that.

And, this is the hardest one -- I want me for me to know that I'm in forever in my own damn corner.

The movie? It's just a movie.

I know, and maybe it's kind of silly for so many of us to get so riled up by it.

But, honestly, I could give a giant shiitake what lights your fire so long as you keep burning and you NEVER.LET. YOUR. FIRE. DIE.

Stay riled up about whatever the hell you want.

Is it your kids? Fight for them.

Is it your spouse? Tell them.

Is it your voice? Make it heard.

Is it your rights? Avow you have them.

Is it your career? Then 'beast mode' your way through every day to climb the corporate ladder.

Maybe your Lady Gaga was birthed when you watched 'A Star is Born.'

Maybe she is contemplating making her appearance right now as you are reading this.

Or maybe, I'm not that good, and my words did nothing for you, but you've already figured out what ignites you and you are lighting yourself up daily.

Be who you want to be.

Be who you were made to be.

And raise those amazing children -- by the way, you are doing a bomb-a** job with them -- to do the same.

Every single person on this planet has a gift -- one or many -- and the world, well, it begs of us to share our gifts.

And, thanks to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga for sharing theirs, a crapton of others in this world now have more confidence to do the same.


And then the movie ended.

And Bradley Cooper’s character did something I ultimately did not expect.

And it left me wondering whether or not to share the above words I felt so utterly compelled to draft while watching the film.

But, then I was reminded of how important it is that -- no matter how similar or different, how tragic or insanely exciting, how predictable or unforeseeable -- we each share "how we see those 12 notes."

So, here's 12+ notes I'll leave you with:

Tell me somethin', mama Are you happy? Do you need more? Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for?

You've got plenty of good times, and you've got plenty of bad times, but there is no void.

Tell me something, mama.

Tell me there is no void because you are fulfilling all of your dreams.

Tell me there is no need for more because you won't settle for any less than you were made for.

I'm falling in love with watching people falling in love with themselves.

I'm falling in love with falling in love with myself and my family deeper and deeper each day.

I'm falling in love with storytelling.

So I'm going to keep going, and I hope you do too.

Tell me something, mama.

Tell us all something.

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