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Challenge: Raising Siblings

There's a hole

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There is a hole in the door from a croquet mallet. For 25ish years, there is still a hole there.

Because little sisters are not supposed to lose games to big sisters. Little sisters who are 5 years younger are supposed to be allowed to win – to let win. That’s just how it is.

Unless you are my sister. My sister ruthlessly beat me in a game of croquet in the front yard and proceeded to taunt me about it, so therefore, naturally, I proceeded to chase her around the yard and into the house where she barricaded herself in the bathroom and we beat the door with mallets at each other. Until there was a hole on the inside door (small reminder – she was on the inside) and she proceeded to convince me it was my fault. That I would have to be the one to tell mom and dad and take the punishment.

Aren’t big sisters lovely?

Sisters are a wonderful thing. Sure, growing up together can be hard sometimes: She’s in my room when I don’t want her to be, she is using my stuff, she is hitting me/looking at me – you know – all the ways siblings can drive one another crazy. But despite those moments of insanity – having a sister is a wonderful thing.

Fast forward 15 years and those same siblings are getting married in the same year, and 4 years later having babies 7 weeks apart, and 3 years after that having another set of babies 7 weeks apart (you’re welcome mom and dad!).

We couldn’t have planned it more perfectly if we had tried.

I got to grow up with my best friend. I got to be a part of family dinners, holidays, birthdays, heart breaks, triumphs, inside jokes, marriages, and babies all with my best friend for the past 30 years. I sure hate that we spent a lot of those middle years at odds because I was 10 and she was 15 and way cooler than I thought I would ever be. I’m told little sisters can be annoying, but jury’s still out on that one for me ;)

We were so lucky to have each other. We didn’t realize it then. That realization came a bit later when we both matured a little. But even the arguments, the fights over clothes and bathroom space, and the little quirks we have that drive one another crazy – life just wouldn’t be the same without my sister.

She knows the good, the bad, and the ugly of every aspect of my life. And she still loves me!

There is no one else that would understand me like she does and still be my friend. We can call and leave the singing voicemail (Blink 182s All the Small Things is a favorite) or call and just randomly blurt out our favorite Friends quotes – “Pivot!”, “Transponster! That’s not even a word!”, “How YOU doin?”, “Now they know that we know that they know!” Seriously – 10 years of phrases – I could go on all day. It’s like having a built in best friend in life. Like an additional itemthat comes with the product purchased. You don't even have to go out and buy the accessories. It's all included in the package of siblings.

I can’t completely explain how we got to this point. We talk daily, our kids love each other, we still have inside jokes, and really deep conversations when needed. All I know is that she has been there. No matter what or who came and went in life – she was still there. Knowing that helped me along the way – I hope it did her too. We are lucky that our differences don’t take over our similarities. We are much more alike than not. So for us, it was a little more natural in our adulthood to remain best friends. She can movie marathon it with me, eat favorite family recipes, and gush over Justin Timberlake and plot out all the ways we will one day get to sing with him (or road trip to any and all concerts within 350 miles - remember that one time in Nashville? Garth, Justin....swoon). No one else would do all of that with me!

We are lucky. So lucky to have each other to depend on and love. She’s been my friend the longest of anyone, so she matters a lot in my life. I can only hope by showing my children the relationship we have that they will be inspired to maintain theirs as they grow. Who else will they call when they need to talk about how crazy mom and dad are? Not that we have ever done that, but maybe they will need to one day. ha!

Having someone there who watched the beginning formation of your life is priceless. Someone who literally knows where you have been. It makes a world of difference. I know it has for me!

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