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"There Are Two Gifts We Should Give Our Children...One is Roots and the Other is Wings"

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a3759fd7b2c7281baacab633b7e4ad40a0180351.jpgOur first college grad (2019)

I really enjoyed reading EVERYONE’S sweet Mother’s Day posts on social media yesterday. What a beautiful testament to the impactful role mothers and mother figures play throughout our entire lives. I did not get a chance to post as I was busy experiencing a new Motherhood (really Parenthood) milestone. We moved our first born baby girl, Blake, into her new home in her new city and new state.

When I became a mother for the first, second and third time I was excited, and never nervous. Each time I went into labor, it felt like Christmas morning, but even better. I would not have predicted that I wouldn’t be nervous. When entering motherhood, your whole life completely changes but in the best way possible. You are gifted these miraculous creations to love and raise. It is a feeling and responsibility like no other.

When college rolled around for my first and then second child I felt excited for both of them. Their school was only an hour and a half away and I was happy for them to experience a whole new life experience. Their rooms at home remained intact to welcome them at each visit. Home was always going to be home. Welcome meals, coffee talk sessions, cuddling with our dog Cookie, shopping, movie nights, lounging by the pool were just a few of our simple, guilty pleasures.

This past weekend felt different. It marked a new milestone in our lives and here’s the kicker…I did feel nervous. I did feel sad. I did feel off…way OFF. It was the moment we as parents have been preparing for throughout our children’s childhood. The moment when they officially leave our safe and cozy nest FOR GOOD. Peter and I were moving Blake to CHICAGO!

Blake teased me the whole weekend anticipating that I would be a “mess” when it came time for us to pull away. Thankfully, we were so busy moving in, unpacking, setting up, shopping for all the necessities and enjoying a little fun in the city that I became distracted from my feelings. Throughout the weekend, my feelings of uncertainty and sadness started lifting as I had an epiphany and could really see the situation for what it was…a true gift!

Look what Peter and I GET to do! As I’ve shared before, my parents never witnessed my high school or college graduation or any milestone thereafter. But WE do! Peter and I are so lucky that we had the opportunity to GET to move Blake to a whole new and exciting city where she will soar. We now GET to visit her there and enjoy a whole new adult relationship sharing in her adventures and accomplishments. We GET to take pride in a daughter who has created a life that she can and should be proud of.

As we said our good byes I saw in Blake’s eyes her waiting for my tears to flow. There were no tears. I surprised myself. My heart was full and happy. There’s a quote that says “There are two gifts we should give our children…one is roots, and the other is wings.” Blake is not rooted in our house. She is rooted in US and those roots remain deep and strong. It is time for her to fly and I am so happy that no amount of miles between us will ever weaken our beautiful connection.

So…look out Chicago…my girl is coming to get you (and her helicopter parents won’t be too far behind…lol!!!)

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