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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Theme Park Hacks To Help You Plan Your Next Family Trip

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Taking your kids to a theme park can be a wild ride for everyone. So many rides, food, and lots of excitement. But there’s also long lines, overheated kids, and meltdowns—and we’re not just talking about your kids’ behavior. So if roller coasters, water slides, and a few too many turns on the merry-go-round are on your family’s agenda , here’s a few parenting hacks to make your day and night a whole lot more fun.


  • In a sea of strollers, make yours standout! Attach something noticeable to your stroller during the day like a tailgate car flag or a neon bandanna. At night, an inexpensive blinking bike light, light-up toy, or glow sticks will make finding your wheels super easy.
  • No need to carry around a huge bottle of sunblock all day. Fill an empty plastic spice jar with sunscreen, and when you need to reapply, flip the lid and stamp the sunblock onto your kid’s arms and legs. Then rub the sunscreen in and get back to those rides.
  • Don’t let a hot day slow you down. Freeze washcloths overnight and throw them into plastic sandwich bags. Pack them in your cooler to keep your food cold, put them in strollers to cool down your kiddos, or put them on the back of your neck when waiting in long lines. When you’re done, toss them back into the cooler or use the washcloth clean up messes and dirty hands.
  • Avoid busy locker rooms at the water park by creating a cover-up and privacy changing cover for your kids—with no sewing! Grab a beach towel, cut a diamond in the center (large enough your child’s head can fit through, but no bigger), and stop fraying by using iron-on bonding strips--ta-dah! That’s it! The towel will look like a poncho but is large enough so your kids can change in or out of their bathing suit under the towel with complete privacy.
  • Mom brain is real so before you go into the park, take a picture of the section you parked your car as a reminder. Also, take a full length family photo as a reminder of what everyone is wearing, and throw your phone in a plastic baggie to keep it dry and clean.
  • Combat long lines, boredom, and meltdowns with small plastic bags of snacks, dollar store toys, and cheap souvenirs you bought BEFORE you came to the park.
  • Keep fingers mess free from melting treats by grabbing a few extra plastic lids and putting the Popsicle stick or the bottom of a cone into the drink hole for a DIY drip catcher.
  • That sweatshirt or hoodie you planned to wear at night, stop at the first souvenir shop, ask for a plastic bag, and turn it into a sit-upon. It's perfect for saving seats for parades, a soft spot to sit on a bench, and on water rides, you can turn it into a poncho for little ones that want to stay dry.

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