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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

The unsung heroes

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The unsung heroes.

As a mom of three during a global pandemic, I’ve heard those words many times in the past year.

While I appreciate the compassion, I think there should be more emphasis on our children.

To the kindergartners with cute little backpacks who were excited to attend school and play with their friends at recess.

To the elementary students who were looking forward to getting their favorite teacher this year and sitting next to their best friend in class.

To the students who have been virtual learning and still trying to navigate online google meets instead of sitting in a classroom with their peers.

To the disability community and special education students losing supports they desperately need and fighting for services in a broken system.

To the Highschool seniors who have dreamed of this year their entire childhood and it’s been torn apart by social distancing and schools being closed.

To all of our children and youth navigating through this pandemic for the past year, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry you’ve had to endure these troubling times and been expected to carry on with interrupted schedules and academic stress.

I’m sorry that we, as your parents, don’t have all the answers or solutions to the many issues that arise.

The truth is - we’re learning, just like you.

I’m sorry your world has been flipped upside down and turned inside out.

I can’t imagine how difficult this has been on you, physically and mentally.

You have sacrificed so much and have missed out on childhood memories that should have been made during this time.

I pray you find the strength and courage to keep going.

Because whether you think so or not, you are doing an amazing job.

You have survived a very unconventional and difficult year.

Your strength and perseverance has been encouraging to see during a time of chaos and disarray.

On behalf of myself and every parent out there, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.

You have been living in a world of uncertainty and constant change and have handled it better than most adults.

Every single one of you deserve to be recognized for your resilience, dedication and strength.

And in my opinion, YOU are the true unsung heroes.


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