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Challenge: Ultimate Baby Registry

The Ultimate Twin Baby Registry Items

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At this point in my life, I can confidently say I am a baby product expert. We have 20 month old twins, plus a bonus miracle surprise who is 9 months old. Need further proof? Having three babies under two years old in the house means that I change about 15 diapers per day and handle a constant stream of runny noses, hunger requests, and general baby complaints.

I know what I'm talking about in this department.One of the most surprising things about stocking up for twins is that there are very few items of which you will need two. It's more about buying quality products that will survive the twin baby stage with you.

Quick List: Life Factory Bottles Nose Frieda Sophie the Giraffe Fisher Price High Chair

Life Factory Bottles: I cannot sing the praises of these bottles enough. Before the babies came along, I had visions of a kitchen overrun with bottles, nipples, and spare parts. It seemed like a nightmare. These are top quality glass bottles. You don't have to worry about unhealthy plastics or chemicals seeping into your baby's milk. In my opinion, they wash much easier than plastic and we didn't need a sterilizer- you can pop them in the dishwasher or do the old school thing we did- boil some water once a day and do a good cleaning. But the BEST thing about this product is that when you are done with them as baby bottles, you can purchase a sippy cup top and continue to use it for several more years. Win, win, win. Hands down, my favorite baby product.

Nose Frieda: Don't ask questions, just make sure you have this. One thing nobody told me when I was pregnant is that a baby with a stuffy nose can ruin your life. It seems so simple, but here's the thing. Once you have identified the problem, you must engage in booger removal. The baby has a little tiny nose and it's difficult. There is an old fashioned bulb method that is also going to ruin your life, so don't go down that road. This can save you a night of sleep and possibly save your sanity. Buy the Nose Frieda, you will thank me later.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether Toy: I really did not want to get this. Babies have been teething for thousands of years without Sophie, so I figured we certainly didn't need it. Wrong. On a trip to visit a friend's baby, the twins discovered their Sophie and long story short I ended up owing a giraffe to my girlfriend. Something about it is very soothing to baby's gums and it makes them feel good. Don't resist, just get it. For twins, get two.

Fisher Price Booster Seat: You will quickly learn that high chairs take up A LOT of room. If you have twins, two high chairs could take up your entire dining space. At seven months we started using these booster seats and never looked back. Now, at 20 months, we are still using THREE of them. Yes, it looks like a daycare, but at least the adults fit at the table, too!

These are the items that we simply cannot live without! As you are building your registry remember to consider your space and your specific needs- it could make all the difference!

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