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Challenge: Life Changes

The Ultimate Life Change: Preparing Your Teen For The Road

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When your child becomes a teenager, you'll probably notice your anxiety go up a few notches. Your teenager hitting the road for the first time is probably high on the anxiety list.

You can curb some of this fear and empower your child to become a skilled, safe driver when you put them on the right track.

In this regard, think about these tips so that you can help your teenager be safe on the road and build the driving skills that will help them throughout life.

Take Your Teen Out For Lots Of Practice

Flat out, the best way to make your child a skilled driver is to take them out to log plenty of hours.

Start by taking them to an empty parking lot so that they can practice turns and navigating. Set up some cones and make sure to guide them through checking their mirrors, using turn signals, applying proper steering and braking, and more.

Once they master the parking lot, take them driving through the neighborhood and then out on the road. Plan the route in advance so that you design it to their skill level and plan for hindrances.

Sign Them Up For Driving School

Help your teen master driving by exposing them to skilled instructors.

Taking them to a driving instructor after giving them a solid foundation will help put some polish and precision to the skills you taught them. They'll be able practice technique on a driving course and in a variety of simulated scenarios, to include driving in the rain and parallel parking.

Driving classes might cost you between $200 and $800.

Make Sure They're Driving The Safest Vehicle Possible

It's important that your teen always have access to a vehicle that is well maintained, clean and safe. If you're buying them a car, carefully research the safety ratings and features.

Newer cars come equipped with safety technology with teenagers in mind, which protects drivers in new and innovative ways. Test drive the vehicle to make sure that it handles well, and always take it in for oil changes and other maintenance.

Consider these tips so that you can keep your new driver safe.

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