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The Simple Hack to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day with Your Preschooler

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Some days with preschoolers are just hard. While these are some of the funniest and sweetest years with your little one, they can also be incredibly overwhelming for both you and your child.

Preschoolers are known to be strong willed with a developing sense of independence. This stage of life for young preschooler are also some of the most emotional years. There are many overwhelming feelings which often lead to melt downs for both child and mommy.

When we are having a day full of big emotions in our house, we use the reset button.

The reset button is for the days when you feel like your preschooler seems to be challenging you on everything. You feel frustrated. You’ve raised your voice too much and said no 100 times. Basically, both of you have just about had enough of each other.

These are the days we use the reset button.

To use the reset button, I’ll announce to my preschooler it’s time for the reset button. My preschooler and I sit cross legged on the floor, hold hands and look at each other. I will explain that some days can feel hard but that we have the power to change that. We can turn a bad day into a good day by pressing the reset button.

Before we press the reset button, we say our intentions for the rest of the day.

You can prompt your child and help them create one. For example, I might say “Today has been a hard day and I am ready to have a good day. Let’s only use our kind voice for the rest of the day. Does that sound good?” Once they are in agreement or have added their own intention you press the imaginary button in your hand and hug it out.

These few moments when you sit with your child allows you and your child to take a break and interrupt the feelings of frustration and focus on something positive. You and your child can also remind each other of your chosen intentions throughout the rest of the day allowing you to focus on the set intention.

And remember: the reset button is just as much for your child as it is for you!

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