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The Secret to Happiness

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Look at your feet. Wherever they are — be all there.

Don’t let your mind wander to anything outside of this very moment.

Staying in the moment is a luxury that is not given or received, but earned— through practice and awareness and diligence and commitment. Once you get a taste of life in-the-now and only in-the-now, you will crave it like a drug.

You may have to work for it over and over and over again. You may spend 23.5 hours a day stuck in thoughts of the future or the past but those 30 minutes when you are fully and completely present?
You will live life the way it should be lived.
You will exhale and enjoy whatever it is that is front of you. You will laugh more and worry less. You will be full of love and acceptance and youthful energy and you will smile and laugh and sing and dance. You won’t feel regret. Or fear. Or guilt. Or hate.


You will just be.

Our default setting is to resist being present. To prepare for and worry about the future and to regret or long for the past— but we must rewire our brains because life is short and we need to grab it by the you-know-whats and enjoy every second for the gift that it is.

Wherever you are— be all there.

Deep breaths.
Big smiles.
Trust and faith in God or the universe or yourself or whatever it is you believe in… quiet the mind and enjoy the hell out of wherever you are doing whatever you’re doing in this very moment.

Look at your feet right now. Where are you? Where is your mind? Adjust as needed so the two match. Over and over and over again. Live simple. Seize the moment and eff the past and the future.

Tomorrow isn’t promised and it’s time to start living like it.

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