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The same God that made you made me

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Probably the best movie line I've heard in a while came from last night's Netflix flick:

"The same God that made you made me."


I mean --


Ain't that the holy freakin' truth.

That the same God that made

the blacks and the whites,

the gays, straight, bi, trans, unassociated, undecided, non-conforming

men and women and other,

made us each amazingly different, and some of us

poor, rich, optimistic, pessimistic, focused, open-minded, word-vomiters, quiet-mice, athletically-inclined, clumsy, tuna-enjoyers, tuna fish-haters coffee lovers, and those that don't drink one dang sip of that bean crack in a single day.

Can you believe it?

That the same God that made you made me

-- someone who flippin' loves #Target --

also made you

-- who doesn't.

He made the winos and the hot tea drinkers.

He made the early birds and the night owls.

He made the chaos coordinators and the simple folk.

He did.

And, he made us different, and he did it on purpose.

He made her an excellent cook and me, well, not so much.

He made her good at math, and me, well, not so much.

He made you very good at adulting, and me, well, I'm inclined to have semi-intense panic attacks every day.

He made you capable of hiding your awkwardness and dismay, and when it comes to me, well, He prefers I wear that shiitake on my face like a badge of freakin' honor.

He made some of us strong, and some of us weak (so we can build upon it, of course).

And, he made some of us peacemakers and the others, well, he made us willing;

willing to listen,

willing to change,


ready to grow.

And, so, there's you, killin' it --

at home,

at work,

and anywhere you go,

and then there's me,

fudgin' up,

at home,

with my business,

and anytime I am in the presence of a member of the general public.

Or, maybe not.


-- and I think I'm right on this --

He made you to be you for your people.

But, can you even believe it if I were to avow that he very gosh darn likely made me to be me for mine, too?

That none of us are a mistake, mishap, or fluke.

That every single one of us is on purpose -- flaws and all.

That the life we are living has a purpose,

the people we are loving is for a purpose,

and that every decision we make and chance we take,

it all serves a larger purpose.

One that we are not privy to trust at every moment, but if you have ever felt the love that oozes out of crevices of an authentic moment between two or more people, then you just might kind of understand.

You know, for me, and I pray to God for you, too, that if I earn nothing more from this life

-- and every fight I will ever fight as a human, woman, wife, or mother for the rest of my life --

than your respect, compassion, and a life lesson,

then I have flippin' won.

'Cause, truth talk, the only "winners" here in this life and the ones living a life worth admiring and emulating, are those that understand the value of presence, chose to live theirs in the pursuit of joy, all while exercising the heck out of self-discipline, empathy, and altruism.

The same God that made you made me, and I think that's cool as hell, don't you?

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