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The Sacrifice of Getting Your Teen Ready for the World

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My son will always be my son but he’s moving closer to adulthood and independence and all the things that I never thought about when I held him in my arms and rocked him while he slept. I remember crying when he was asleep. Silent tears slipping off my cheek as I thought about this big, huge world that I couldn’t always protect him from...bad things that couldn’t be avoided, heartbreak that was sure to happen.

But then the days turned into years, and we made the best of each moment. Or at least I tried. I was never a helicopter mom, or a lawnmower mom or any machinery kind of mother. Sure, i watched over him and worried, and celebrated his achievements, but I let him grow and develop into the human God intended.

We experienced the good in life, and there is so much good. And we went through several of the things that make us sad, hurt physically and emotionally and we faced whatever issue set before us. We did it. Together.

He learned from me, but my first born taught me so much more than what I feel I gave him. The phrase, “unconditional love” doesn’t really cover how much love I have for him. How much sacrifice I was willing to give, how much time I was willing to spend. You’ll never regret the moments you have with your children.

They say the days are long and the years are short, but I’m here to tell you, young mamas rocking your babies...just wait until you feel the satisfaction of looking at your children with the world set before them and knowing that they’re ready. You did the thing that God asked you to raised them to be good people with good hearts to change the world for the better.


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