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The Real Reason I Kept You Home From School Today

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You weren't particularly sick today. Just a slight cold. You could have gone to school and been just fine. But your sniffles were enough of an excuse to call you out sick from school.

I’m sure I could have used the time while you were at school to finish paperwork for our small business or complete the endless chores around the house. I’m sure I could have been very productive.

But I kept you home today so that I could hold you.

Every day there’s the constant stream of motion that runs our lives. Most days I struggle just to keep my head above water. There’s always something that needs to be cleaned, put away, bought, or fixed.

There’s alway s a child to shuttle somewhere. I often long for those few hours when I’m alone even though most of that time is spent doing things for others.

But I kept you home today to talk to you.

There are many days when I’m irritated with you. There are days when I want to hide in the closet and cry. There are days when your whining drives me completely mad.

But I kept you home today just to watch you and drink in your angelic face.

There are so many moments in life that pass us by while we mumble and grumble about not having enough time. And then there are times like today when I feel like you’re slipping away too quickly.

Screw school today. I want you here with me. It’s just one day. An unexpected but chosen day of having you near, hearing your sweet voice speak to me, and feeling you snuggle up next to me.

Your distinctive smell, your messy hair, and your impish smile are all that I want today.

Soon enough your school days will be longer and our time apart will stretch out farther. In a few years even when you’re home, you’ll be distracted by friends, homework, or your own interests. And so it will begin. Your flight into the world with your own wings.

So today, I just want to be with you.

I want to freeze time and listen to you play with your ponies, singing songs, and dancing around like some sort of magical sprite. I want to forever be sipping ginger ale together under a blanket (because you get to drink that when you’re sick!)

Tomorrow you’ll go back to school and once again we’ll go back to the daily shuffle and routine that is our lives.

But for today, I’m keeping you home with me.

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