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Challenge: What Makes a Family?

The real beauty of motherhood lies in the details.

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The real beauty of motherhood lies in the details.

But, for to those of us in the thick of our parenting journey, beautiful is the farthest thing from what we feel about


our messy homes,

and our chaotic lives.

Whether you are a new or seasoned mama, a typical day-to-day is marked by back-to-back shambles, and speaking of things being disorderly, that pretty much describes the plethora of thoughts scrambled up in your sleep-deprived brain.

Now, I bet that if I asked, most mamas would likely tell me that their daily accomplishments are anything but exquisite.

They'd be wrong though.

While it's not all that impressive when a mother

wakes her child,

helps her get dressed

cooks her breakfast,

packs her lunch,

gets her off to school,

does laundry,

cleans up,

attends activities,

transports everyone everywhere,

helps with homework,

cooks dinner,

gives baths,

reads books,


gives middle-of-the-night tending to,

and then rises with enough mental and physical stamina and an overflowing amount of love in her heart to do it again the next day,

what is pretty damn outstanding is her attention to detail.

Because do you remember?

That's where I told you the beauty of motherhood lies.

A mother doesn't just wake her child abruptly (well, most of the time, at least).

She softly kisses the child,

rubs her back,

strokes her hair,

and tells her that she missed her while she was sleeping.

A mother doesn't just help her child get dressed.

She has her angel's favorite clothes cleaned and ready.

A mother doesn't just cook her child breakfast.

She makes sure the toast has no crust,

that the eggs have a little pepper on them,

and that the OJ is cold -- just as her tyke likes.

A mother doesn't just pack her child's lunch.

She makes sure that the food is healthy, delicious, and includes a loving note.

A mother doesn't just transport her child to school.

She gets her there safely, with energy, and does her darndest to ensure her child is happy and even excited at drop-off.

A mother doesn't just do laundry.

Oh, hell no. She does a shiitake ton of it, all in the name of love.

A mother doesn't just clean up.

She cleans it ALL up -- the kids' mess, the house clutter, the dog hair, the actual kids and if/when she has time, she even cleans herself.

A mother doesn't merely attend activities.

She's the one who seeks them out, pays for them, and both transports and supports the kids while they participate in them.

A mother doesn't just

drive everyone everywhere they need to go,

help with homework,

cook dinner,

give baths,

read books,

offer snuggles,

give middle-of-the-night tending to,

and then rise with enough mental and physical stamina and an overflowing amount of love in her heart to do it once again another day.

What and ALL that a mother does is so bada**.

And, what's truly monumental, is her impeccable attention to the details.

Everything a mother does is coated in selfless, unconditional love, appreciation, and support for those she birthed.

And, in that one little detail, is where the real beauty of motherhood lies.

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