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Challenge: Open Discussion

The present moment is all we have, Mommas. Good or bad.

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This text exchange is between me and my 22 yo daughter. We talk and/or text just about every day; our frequent communication a treasure to me.

We’ve had our fair share of trying seasons, mostly the tween & teen era when our back and forth included a lot of eye-rolling, breathy retorts, and snark. If you have teenage girls, past or present, you know how testy life can get as our daughters lean into the wants of independence while trudging through the emotional disarray of all things life.

Whenever my girl is dealing with something heavy, this lone “Hi” will pop up on my phone. I’ve come to learn over the years the two-letter word is always a loaded introduction to signify her need to dump something hard or get my advice.

But I share this particular exchange because I believe it holds meaning for all of us, specifically her saying, “Trying to find some acceptance with my present moment.”

Couldn’t we all benefit from trying to find some acceptance with our present moments—or present seasons—or present situations—or present circumstances as mommas doing our best to raise our kids through various ages and stages?

Seems like being okay with ‘what is’ rather than longing for ‘what was’ or ‘what could be’ is our best option for inner peace. The present moment is all we have. Good or bad. We can either roll with what’s in front of us with a hopeful spirit, or pine for control over things of which we have no control, which is mostly everything. Too often I fall into the trap of misery and hopelessness, which does nothing but steal my joy and elapse time.

For me, part of accepting the present moment hinges a great deal on my ability to trust that God’s got my family’s back no matter what darkness, struggle, uncertainty, or challenge is weighing on my mom heart. God’s got your back too, momma. He knows the burdens we carry in our heart and longs to hear from us.

Sometimes a simple, “Hi” is all we need to start the conversation.


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