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The Power of a Smile :)

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Smile. When I was pregnant, I read an article where it mentioned that one should always smile when their child walks into the room as it gives them a sense of calm and reassures them how much you care for them. I have taken this to heart and tend to smile at her when she wakes up, when she throws a fit, when she acts cute or silly or crazy, and every other time she walks into the room.


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My daughter has been labeled many things including annoying, grumpy, hard to handle, difficult, crazy, and more. She has been quite a lot to handle for a first time mom. It was difficult to conceive her, the pregnancy was exhausting with constant nausea and sickness, and she was an inconsolable and challenging baby. On top of that, I dealt with severe postpartum depression. At fifteen months, it was like she flipped the switch and decided to become an "average" child who slept more than three hours a night, did not need daily medicine for her reflux, ate food besides milk, and didn't cry as often. It was a breakthrough for her and me and my husband. We were able to enjoy our family in a new light.

She will be two in a few weeks and still has her ups and downs just like any other toddler. Throughout it all, I've smiled. I continue to smile each time I see her walk into a room or just as she plays. I have found that it helps me as much as it helps her. She smiles back and it just melts my heart. Whether she is happy, grumpy, or having a rough moment, smiling just makes it easier (for me and her). I thought I was doing it to show her how much I cared for her yet it has proven that she is the one who makes this family so blessed.

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