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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

The pandemic has made me a lazy mom

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I used to love to go for walks or play board games after dinner. I used to read with my kids every night. We’d have pillow talk and I’d be interested in their stories, or Roblox, or whatever they were excited about that day. I looked at Pinterest for crafts, and planned new recipes to try for Sunday brunch.

But the pandemic has made me a lazy mom.

Call it exhaustion, depression, anxiety, or all of the above, but by the time the work, chores and schooling are done, I’m toast. I have zero mental capacity for anything else.

I don’t even want to cuddle with them or watch one of their shows.

I just want to be here, in my room, watching a Netflix show or Hallmark movie. I want to check-out of our current reality of COVID craziness and the political dumpster-fire and hide.


I don’t want to be a playmate. I don’t want to be a housekeeper or emotional coach. And I definitely don’t want to be a homework do-er at the 11th hour when they forgot they had STEM project due the next day.

I just want to be alone.

With the never ending pressure, and kids still quarantined due to COVID cases at school, everything 2020 and beyond has thrown at us feels suffocating. I wish I could just hibernate under a blanket and rest my weary body and mind until the 2021 rays of light slowly starts to seep in from beneath the crack of my door.

But I can’t. Because I have two little girls that need me. They need to see how I’m reacting to all of life’s curve balls. They need to see that even when I’m down, I can get back up.

They need to learn to pivot and make the best of any situation.


So after I take a few minutes for myself each evening, I breathe, put on a smile and remind myself how lucky I am to be their mom. I get them to bed and spend a little time with each girl.

And remember that through this big old mess of a situation we are all in, there is still so much GOOD. We just have to work to be present enough to find it.

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