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Challenge: Ultimate Baby Registry

The New & Improved Baby Registry

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So you finally got that "positive" you have been waiting for your entire life. Welcome to the world of Motherhood. I am sure there are plenty of lists, videos, and places to find the right advice for your baby registry. Having four babies may not warrant me my own tv show, but it definitely has made me an expert in what you will REALLY need.

1. Night Nurse & Baby Sitter- Those first few months are brutal with the lack of sleep. If you can register for a night nurse, GO AHEAD! I was always jealous of my friends that had one. Save your Z's and get one for at least a few weeks to sleep train the baby. You will also need a trust worthy baby sitter and today's prices are ridiculous. Interview one now and start a baby sitting fund, that way its covered when you can get away with your husband.

2. Birth Control- If you think because you are nursing, you won't get pregnant... you are WRONG. Have you ever heard of the term "Irish twins?" They are a result of people getting pregnant so early that they have two babies under the age of one. Do yourself a favor and register for condoms or any type of birth control. My first two are 16 months apart and that was surely a blur.


3. Flights- Chances are you live far from family. If that's the case, register for a flight for the best family member that is selfless and will take care of you. With every kid, you can bet we flew in my sister in law to save the day. Fly in someone who is the nurturing kind, not someone who will complain, but more so someone who owns a cape and displays unbelievable superhero powers.

4. Wine & Beer Of The Week- Never mind Wine Club or Beer Club of the month. You will want a new selection each WEEK. With every day that goes by that you are not sleeping you will absolutely appreciate a good glass of wine and a stout for your man. It's 5:00 somewhere and with a new baby, its possible for 5:00 to start a lot earlier.

5. Hotel Stay or Weekend Away- I'm Italian and truly never leave my children while they are so young. To help you see that there are brighter horizons ahead, checking into a hotel can give you that much needed R & R. If you are brave to leave your baby behind go ahead, but if not, take him/her and know its eventually going to get better. Getting away simply gets you motivated as a new parent.


6. Ear Plugs & Sound Machine- Your baby is going to cry every few hours for a few months. At some point, when he or she can do a longer stretch, you will want ear plugs to catch a few extra hours of sleep. Having a sound machine to sooth the baby has been a gem and a must for all of my children. I also like having a playlist with a speaker playing relaxing classical music to get the baby settled. (my kids have been listening to the same playlist for ten years strong... message me, I will happily send your way)

7. Future Gifts You are Not Thinking of When You Are Pregnant- Never mind the cute newborn clothes, register for clothes that can last up to two years old. They grow so fast you will not need 50 newborn onesies, Instead space out the clothing size and get things like a jumper and bumbo for when the baby is ready to sit up.

8. Spa Day- Having a baby... in my case four, will warrant you a much needed Spa day to feel refreshed and renewed.... On average that starts at $300.00! Do yourself a favor and register for a little pampering. Mommy is best when she feels good!

9. Meal Delivery System- If you think you will be cooking dinner, you are dead wrong. I highly recommend registering for a meal delivery system of your choice. They have ones that are tedious where you have to prep or ones that are pre-made. Make your life easier and register for pre-made meals. You will love having dinner on the table without having to life a finger!

10. And when all else fails... Register for a 12 step-program in case registry item #4 gets out of hand. Don't worry, we have all been there. All kidding aside, a gym membership so you can get back to YOU! Trust me, the better Mom feels, the better parent and wife you will be!

One thing I can tell you is it's going to get better. Hang in there and know you are not alone!


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