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The Morning Ritual that Helps Me Be a Better, More Present Mom

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Let's Talk Morning Rituals...


Who’s got one?

Are you the type who wakes up early to work out? Or maybe you meditate. Perhaps you wake early to do yoga, drink a cup of matcha, and write in your manifestation journal.

If that is your thing, God Bless You. That’s awesome.

Me? I data dump.

My brain is like a computer that is constantly low on RAM with 25 programs running, 50 tabs open in my browser, and one earworm of a song (Lately its “California Sway” by Smooth Hound Smith) stuck in my head on repeat.

Overachiever that I am, I wake up with ideas…so many ideas…. They come to me in my dreams right before I wake up.

Ideas to help my clients. Ideas for new Businesses. Ideas for the the moms I coach. Ideas to move my business forward. Ideas to help my friends and family.

All. The. Ideas.

And don’t even get me started on my to-do list….

Sometimes it keeps me up at night, and quite frankly, it can get in the way of all the things that I really need to get done in a day.

So first chance I get, I write down all of my ideas and all of the tasks that I want to get done for the day, (aka I dump all of the data that is taking up space in my brain) so I can focus on family things in the morning.

Just get out one big ‘ol list of things. Usually, I use the talk to text and the Notes app on my iPhone. I don’t worry about spelling or punctuation. I just get it out, that’s why I call it dumping.

Once I know that all of those things are written down somewhere, and I know that I look at it later to organize and prioritize it, I take a deep breath and get to all the things that Moms have to do in the morning.

Making breakfast. Pouring some coffee down my own throat. Packing my daughter's lunch. Getting her dressed. Brushing hair and teeth. Packing all of the bits and items she needs for school.

Then once I get my “morning momming” done and the family out the door, I make a cup of tea. Take a deep breath and tackle the “data dump.”

How do you start your day?

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