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The mask on my face isn't the only one I'm wearing these days

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The mask on my face isn't the only one I'm wearing these days, and I suspect, perhaps, the same might be true for you?

That - more often than not -- you're presenting with

a bit more joy than you're feeling,

more confidence than is innate to you,

more calm than your internal chaos ever let's you feel,

more trust than is situationally advisable,

more unconditional faith than is deserved,

more smiles than frowns,

more words that inspire than words that divulge a lack of feeling inspired,

more laughter than tears.

more always perky positivity and less embarrassingly-honest vulnerability

more facade and less realness.

If the mask on your face isn't the only one you are donning these days, you're not alone.

But you'll feel less alone if you take one off, and I'm not talking about the Dr. Fauci-approved one.

When you let people in, there's no need for you to turn in,

because everywhere you look, you'll find someone

reaching out,


and ready and available --

to love you quiet,

or love you loud,

to love you in the exact way you need.

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