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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

The many in the milestones

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All eyes were on him when he crossed the stage and received his diploma. High school graduation was one of his biggest milestones. But I hope my youngest child knows his accomplishments are never just about him.

Maybe that's their real significance. We never rise alone. When Jason crossed the stage recently, he had a figurative parade of people from his past who walked with him:

His grandparents who lived on two continents and set up the dominoes that somehow landed him here.

The teachers who taught him a love of learning and a sense of self.

His coaches who pushed him to endure long, hot, summer practices, losing seasons, and the value of never quitting.

High school advisors who encouraged him to find his own path and were excited for him when he did.

Close friends who have stood by him and their parents who have given him experiences and taught him things that had never occurred to his dad and me.

God is there, too, smiling on the young man who took so long to come to us when pregnancy was elusive all those years ago.

And Hubs and I are there as well, holding him for the first time and walking with him through every step since.

I hope my son knows that the stage of accomplishment is never set for just one. I hope he understands that life is much more full and much less self-centered when we acknowledge the many in our milestones.

To Jason and to all who are celebrating graduation or any great accomplishment: Well done! Be proud! And also be grateful for every person who had a hand in you making it to where you are. Congratulations to you - and thank you to them!

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