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The Little Things

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When I had my first daughter, I did the typical first parent thing. Swaddling. It was a no from her. She kicked and pushed out of the blanket. Baby swing. Another no. She hated moving around. She wanted to lie flat in her crib rather than a hammock that is more comfortable and moves. She absolutely loved anything with music and or color. Most babies do. Well all babies. She had an obsession. My youngest was the polar opposite. She loved everything the oldest did not. They are 10 years apart and are the furthest thing from sisters. But they are also scarily like twins. My oldest had a stuffed red monkey. She got it from one of my friends as a gift. She loved that thing so much, probably more than me. When she grew up, she kept it. She told me that no matter what happened, that monkey was all she wanted from her childhood. I have never seen such a strong hold on an inanimate object before in my life. My youngest did not do that. I guess that with my oldest she taught me it isn't about all of those things you buy your kids. No matter how much you buy, there will always be one thing they hold onto because to them it is their childhood. She holds onto it sometimes and I think it's great she values it so much. To me, it doesn't seem like anything but a toy. To her, it's her little thing. Her monkey. Her childhood. Buy something that they can hold onto when they are young. Let them bond with that little stuffed animal or that blanket. Something they can hold and take comfort in when they need it. My first child taught me so much. No one taught me this before I had her. When you have your first child, do the typical first parent things. It is the only way you will learn. Don't worry about mistakes. They happen every single day. Do the best you can. Your child will not remember you making those stupid little mistakes. They will remember you hugging them, wrapping them up in a warm towel after a shower, you doing fun summer vacations, reading bed time stories. It will be fine. Everything will be fine and you will lose your mind at least 20 times a day. It shows you care and it shows that you are human. Your child will be your teacher to life. My daughters taught me so much about life that I felt like I hadn't truly lived until I had them. They are my world and my life. Yours will be your life. It always will be.

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